Reviewed in the Daily Star, Lebanon

The Daily Star, 14th June 2012.

Ultimately, the biographer’s major accomplishment is to remake a decades-old revolutionary icon into a living, breathing woman.
Yes, Khaled is an activist and a political voice on contemporary Palestinian affairs and her commitment to her cause has endured. Her wit and bloody-mindedness in the face of occupation have not lessened an iota. In Irving’s portrayal, Khaled is a wife and mother faced with the challenges of raising a family, but one with the additional concerns of a Palestinian refugee and former militant.
That Irving has found space in this light volume for extensive exploration of the evolution of women’s rights within the Palestinian resistance is testament to the author’s economy with words.
“Leila Khaled – Icon of Palestinian Liberation” is an ideal read for those seeking a brief introductory account that neither glorifies or vilifies its subject nor dumbs down the complexity of the context in which she lived and worked.

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First coverage of Leila Khaled biography

From Al-Quds Al-Arabi, 6th May 2012
الكتاب على صغر حجمه مهم لانه يحكي قصة ليلى خالد معتمدا على شهادتها وصوتها يحضر في ثنايا السرد، ولعل قصة العملية الفاشلة وموت باتريك من اكثر المشاهد اثارة للحزن وحبسا للانفاس، فهنا التعاطف العالمي والموت في ارض غريبة بعيدة عن الوطن، والموت جائعا. كتاب مثير وغني ومفيد للقارىء باللغة الانكليزية.
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