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The main film resource on Leila Khaled is the 2007 documentary by Palestinian-Swedish film maker Lina Makboul, Leila Khaled: Hijacker. As well as tracing the story of Khaled’s own life and following her around day-to-day activities in Jordan and Lebanon, the film also explores Makboul’s own attitude to Khaled, her childhood hero, of whose actions she later became more sceptical.

In 2010, British actor Laila Rouass (who has previously starred in Footballers’ Wives and other TV dramas) announced that she was planning a biopic of Leila Khaled. The Daily Telegraph reported that “Rouass has funding for the film. “There are very few times that you see the female side of these things and what drives a woman to do what she did,” adds the actress. “Was she a revolutionary fighter or was she a terrorist? I suppose that is up to the individual to decide. She is still alive and lives in Jordan. I have spoken to her on the phone and I would love to go meet her in person.”

There are also a number of videos of interviews with Leila Khaled available online. Some of these are listed below:

12th March 2010, “Resistance is also cultural“. – television interview

MayDay 2011 speech, Sweden

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