Links to interviews with Leila Khaled

Interview with Jennifer Jajeh. the American-Palestinian comic and performer of ‘I Heart Hamas’

This interview was run on the International Socialist Group website as part of the run-up to Nakba Day 2012 on May 15th.

In September 2011, Jadaliyya ran a major series of interviews with Leila Khaled, conducted by Ziad Aburish in 2007, under the heading ‘Resistance and Revolution as Lived Daily Experience’. Some sections of the interviewees are also available to listen to as audio downloads:
Interview part 1
Interview part 2
Interview part 3
Interview part 4

Statement to Sukant Chandan for the 10th anniversary of the Intifada event at the Venezuelan Embassy in London, November 2010.
The Outbreak of the Intifada: Turning Back the Empire

Sukant Chandan’s International Women’s Day interview with Leila Khaled and Shireen Said, 2010.
Palestinian revolutionary women on International Women’s Day

Sarah Irving for Big Issue in the North
August 2009
“This is the first thing – you are not there to kill anyone”. PDFs of page 1 and page 2.

Matthew Cassel for Electronic Intifada
January 2008
“Injustice every day”: An interview with Leila Khaled

Sana Abdullah for United Press International
July 2003
Interview: Palestinian Leila Khaled

Katharine Viner for The Guardian
January 2001
‘I made the ring from a bullet and the pin of a hand grenade’

Philip Baum for Aviation Security International
September 2000
Leila Khaled: in her own words

1 thought on “Interviews

  1. Hi there, Sarah

    I find your website immensely interesting. I have actually only just heard about Leila Khaled I am trying to learn more. I’m heading to Palestine in June and will be stopping through Jordan on the way. As an independent journalist, reporter and activist I would love to interview her more some publications back here in Australia.

    Do you know if she is open to doing interviews often or not? If so I was hoping you could provide me with some sort of contact details so I could get in touch with her.


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