Background research

As well as the interviews I did with Leila Khaled and a range of other Palestinians from all walks of life, I also read widely around the events of Leila Khaled’s life. Although written work on Khaled herself is surprisingly rare, there is a reasonable body of analytical work on the secular Palestinian resistance movements of the 1970s and 80s. There is also a copious amount of scholarly (and not-so-scholarly) writing on the relationship between women, armed struggle, national liberation movements and feminism. There are specialist titles on aviation security and hijacking, and some deeply unpleasant but nonetheless revealing pulp titles which revel with almost pornographic delight in terrorism, whilst professing to despise it. And so on. The easiest way to list a range of these books in a way that includes bibliographic data and an idea of whether they are still available seems to be to construct an Amazon list, which is here.